Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Easy-Peasy Pinwheels

Here's an easy activity you can do with the kids - and it's perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday! The image of pinwheels spinning happily in the wind just speaks to me of my childhood - carefree and fun. I'm making a bunch with my own kids, and then I'll let them stick them in the yard. These would also make really fun party favors or dress up the table with a bit of whimsy for your next party! Let's get started!


1 - 12x12 Double Sided patterned paper -
paper trimmer
hole setter
coordinating brad
glue gun
bamboo skewer

First trim your patterned paper down to 6x6 size. You could get bigger or smaller, depending on how big you want them to be, as long as you trim it to an exact square.

Next - draw a large "x" on the back side from corner to corner.

Cut on each line almost up to the center point. Leave approximately 1/2" in the center from cut to center point. (the first time I tried to make a pinwheel, I cut to close to the point and it tore when I had it folded and was trying to set the brad.)

Using your hole setter, punch a small hole in every other corner. Don't use a regular hole punch from the office supplies. Your hole will be too big.

Now pick one corner that has a hole in it and fold it to the center. Take every other corner and fold all four corners in to the center so the holes all line up together.

Push your brad through the holes and fasten. If you want to dress your brad up a little, add a button or sticker.

Take your bamboo skewer and drop a touch of hot glue on the end. Slide it into the center of the pinwheel and press to dry.

All done! Enjoy your cute creation!


  1. We love making pinwheels, they are great any time of year but especially in the spring when there are so many beautiful papers to use!

  2. What a cute pinwheel! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me...I'm returning the favor!

  3. I love the paper you used! It's perfect for a whimsical pinwheel. :) Thanks for following Nest Candy. I am now your newest follower.

  4. We are having a kite day and church and I think this will be cute for the kids. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Love your pinwheel!!! I am making little one to embelish a LO I am working on, Life is so good with pinwheels and bubbles in it!