Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Girl

Three years ago God proved to me once again that He knows best what we need. He blessed my husband and I with a daughter, Macy. I had wanted another boy, that's just how much I loved my son. I'll admit to being a little disappointed in that sonogram room when they told me it was a girl. Even though I was happy to have a healthy baby, I was unsure if I could love a daughter the way I loved my son. Not to mention the curious nature of wondering if you could love your second child as much as you love your first. All this to say, it didn't take long for me to fall hopelessly in love with my little girl, and I couldn't imagine my world without her. Thank you Lord for entrusting your child to me. Macy at 3:

Sweet & Sassy
Loves french fries
Looks like her Daddy
Proactive and Type A
Pink and girly
Takes her blankets everywhere
Sucks her thumb (not for much longer I hope!)
Loves books and her pajamas
Coming out of her shell

Happy Birthday Sweet Macy! Love you so much!!!


  1. Love your journaling. After our youngest 2 boys... I thought we were done. But God surprised me again... I loved my two guys.. and although I really wanted to end our family with a girl... it was bittersweet when they said it WAS a girl! Amazing how God opens your heart for each one!

  2. You can just tell by looking at her, that Macy is a sweet girl! What a blessing, indeed! :)