Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swing Song

Here I go up in my swing

Ever so high.

I am the King of the fields, and the King

of the town.

I am the King of the earth, and the King

of the sky.

Here I go up in my swing...

Now I go down.

-- A.A. Milne

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Full Circle Summer

So without even realizing it, the first year of my new life as a stay at home mom has come and gone. It was a year ago in June that I handed in my resignation as a teacher and closed the chapter on that part of my life. A new career awaited me; new adventures and exasperations. It's interesting now to sit back and reflect on what that year has been like. So let me try to sum it up:

In one year as a SAHM, I have:

cooked more dinners than I ever did before; burned more gasoline than ever on my never ending trips to The Woodlands for preschool, church & MOPS; become addicted to Facebook; memorized the Disney & Noggin t.v. schedule (& learned all accompanying theme songs); enjoyed being "Room Mom" for Cade's preschool class; watched my daughter bloom & become a happier, more well adjusted child; seen more of my husband than I ever did while working; had more fights with my husband than ever while working; grown closer to husband; missed my old friends, old job, old students; made some great new friends and reconnected with others. Miss being a part of intellectual discussions & working on intellectual endeavors beyond "A is for apple." Grown to a deeper level in my relationship with Jesus Christ; become so much more connected to my Church Home; gained weight; joined the Y; started a scrapbooking business; (still working on becoming more organized & clean); struggled with wanting what I can't have; been jealous of others with more money; missed the money & things that came with it from working; missed dying my hair, manicures & pedicures; cried ALOT; wanted to pull my hair out ALOT; changed more diapers than ever before; been more tired than ever due to constant demands of my time & attention; taken a million pictures of my kids; given a ton of baths; read a ton of books; played a ton of games; given & received a ton of hugs & kisses; made a ton of memories; been HERE everyday with them.

Never. Regretted. My. Decision.