Thursday, August 5, 2010

Full Circle Summer

So without even realizing it, the first year of my new life as a stay at home mom has come and gone. It was a year ago in June that I handed in my resignation as a teacher and closed the chapter on that part of my life. A new career awaited me; new adventures and exasperations. It's interesting now to sit back and reflect on what that year has been like. So let me try to sum it up:

In one year as a SAHM, I have:

cooked more dinners than I ever did before; burned more gasoline than ever on my never ending trips to The Woodlands for preschool, church & MOPS; become addicted to Facebook; memorized the Disney & Noggin t.v. schedule (& learned all accompanying theme songs); enjoyed being "Room Mom" for Cade's preschool class; watched my daughter bloom & become a happier, more well adjusted child; seen more of my husband than I ever did while working; had more fights with my husband than ever while working; grown closer to husband; missed my old friends, old job, old students; made some great new friends and reconnected with others. Miss being a part of intellectual discussions & working on intellectual endeavors beyond "A is for apple." Grown to a deeper level in my relationship with Jesus Christ; become so much more connected to my Church Home; gained weight; joined the Y; started a scrapbooking business; (still working on becoming more organized & clean); struggled with wanting what I can't have; been jealous of others with more money; missed the money & things that came with it from working; missed dying my hair, manicures & pedicures; cried ALOT; wanted to pull my hair out ALOT; changed more diapers than ever before; been more tired than ever due to constant demands of my time & attention; taken a million pictures of my kids; given a ton of baths; read a ton of books; played a ton of games; given & received a ton of hugs & kisses; made a ton of memories; been HERE everyday with them.

Never. Regretted. My. Decision.


  1. What a year Stephanie. So glad you've had the time to reflect on how you've grown. Your husband and children are so blessed by the decision you made!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I've so enjoyed getting to know you better & feel blessed to count you as a friend!

  3. Wow, this made me reflect, too! Thanks for putting it all in writing! I love being home with my kids and it's so fun to hear about other mommies that love it too!

  4. I'm a little late in seeing this post (sorry)! I think all major life changing decisions we make come with the mountains to climb and the valleys to roam. If everything was all ginger peachy all the time, where would we find appreciation in the sacrifices that were made to get any of us where we are today or where we will be tomorrow?

    Your post is honest - and that is quite simply beautiful!

  5. I found you through blogfrog...and I'm really glad I found this post! I'm a teacher and seriously considering staying at home next year with my sweet little girl. This post is really encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing your honesty :)