Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

The summer always kicks off with Memorial Day weekend, and while last year we went to the beach, this year was much more low key. Cass had to work the day shift, so at least he was home in the evening. The kids and I played in the backyard sprinkler and had a Silly String fight before dinner. It was a pajama/bathing suit/pajama day and that was just fine with me!!! Here are some images from our day...

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day as well! Before we did anything, the kids and I watched several M. Day youtube videos. We talked about Daddy being in the Army and what it means to serve in the military. In two days Cass will be gone until the end of the month on an Army Reserve training op, so today had special significance for our family. Special thanks to all the members of our military who have served, and special remembrance to the soldiers and families who died in service to our country. We owe our freedom to you.

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